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How do you lie with statistics chapters?

Always go to the source material!

  1. Chapter 1: The Sample with Built-in Bias.
  2. Chapter 2: The Well-Chosen Average.
  3. Chapter 3: The Little Figures That Are Not There.
  4. Chapter 4: Much Ado about Practically Nothing.
  5. Chapter 5: The Gee-Whiz Graph.
  6. Chapter 7: The Semiattached Figure.
  7. Chapter 8: Post Hoc Rides Again.

How do you lie with statistical Gates?

“How To Lie With Statistics” is a short read that has been around for generations, written by Darrell Huff, with poignant illustrations by Irving Geis. Indeed, even Bill Gates, Atlantic magazine, and The New York Times have all praised the simple-yet-profound truthful wisdom it contains.

Why is it easy to lie with statistics?

When numbers appear, the reader believes some truth is about to be imparted. Even a nonsensical statement such as this carries the air of authority until the meaning sinks in. Yes, using statistics to lie is easy – as you will soon see. And, statistics are a valid and useful tool.

How many pages can you lie with statistics?

It does not denigrate the practice of statistical analysis itself (though you will not learn even a single technique from statistical theory in its 144 pages ), but rather serves as a lighthearted cautionary tale about how easy it is to become convinced that statistics carry all the weight of science even though

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What are 3 ways people can lie with statistics?

3 Ways to Lie with Statistics

  • Does a Statistical Finding Matter?
  • 3 Ways to Lie with Statistics.
  • Amplifying the Importance of Statistical Significance.
  • Capitalizing on Type-I Error.
  • Failing to Report on Effect Size Information.
  • Bottom Line.

Can statistics be misused?

That is, a misuse of statistics occurs when a statistical argument asserts a falsehood. In some cases, the misuse may be accidental. In others, it is purposeful and for the gain of the perpetrator. When the statistical reason involved is false or misapplied, this constitutes a statistical fallacy.

How statistics can be misleading?

The data can be misleading due to the sampling method used to obtain data. For instance, the size and the type of sample used in any statistics play a significant role — many polls and questionnaires target certain audiences that provide specific answers, resulting in small and biased sample sizes.

How do you lie a book?

The best books on Lying

  1. Making up the Mind. by Chris Frith.
  2. Whoops! Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay. by John Lanchester.
  3. Father and Son. by Edmund Gosse.
  4. The Boy with the Topknot. by Sathnam Sanghera.
  5. The German Trauma. by Gitta Sereny.

Do numbers lie?

The truth is that numbers can and do lie to us every day. This is especially important to keep in mind as the hype around Big Data and Analytics reaches a fever pitch. As a reminder to all of us who use data in work and life to make decisions, I’ve put together some examples of how numbers can often lie or mislead.

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How do you lie perfectly?

Here are eight ways to make your lies more believable.

  1. DO: Maintain your baseline. Stay calm.
  2. DON’T: Swallow hard. Swallowing hard is a giveaway.
  3. DO: Breathe normally. Inhale, exhale.
  4. DON’T: Touch your skin.
  5. DO: Lean in.
  6. DON’T: Shorten the syntax of words.
  7. DO: Try not to sweat.
  8. DON’T: Say “I don’t lie”

Can statistics be manipulated?

There are several undeniable truths about statistics: First and foremost, they can be manipulated, massaged and misstated. Second, if bogus statistical information is repeated often enough, it eventually is considered to be true.

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