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How do you lie with data?

One of the easiest ways to misrepresent your data is by messing with the y-axis of a bar graph, line graph, or scatter plot. In most cases, the y-axis ranges from 0 to a maximum value that encompasses the range of the data. However, sometimes we change the range to better highlight the differences.

Is it possible to lie with statistics explain?

When numbers appear, the reader believes some truth is about to be imparted. Even a nonsensical statement such as this carries the air of authority until the meaning sinks in. Yes, using statistics to lie is easy – as you will soon see. And, statistics are a valid and useful tool.

How do you lie with statistical Gates?

“How To Lie With Statistics” is a short read that has been around for generations, written by Darrell Huff, with poignant illustrations by Irving Geis. Indeed, even Bill Gates, Atlantic magazine, and The New York Times have all praised the simple-yet-profound truthful wisdom it contains.

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How do you lie with statistics genre?


  1. Number of Pages: 144.
  2. Genre: Mathematics.
  3. Sub-Genre: Probability & Statistics.
  4. Format: Paperback.
  5. Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company.
  6. Age Range: Adult.
  7. Book theme: General.
  8. Author: Darrell Huff.

Why is it so easy to lie with statistics?

Why is it so easy to lie with statistics? They can be easily manipulated and distorted depending in which area you are using the statistics, they help to clarify or strengthen a speaker’s points. you have to use them sparingly and make them meaningful to your audience, use them fairly.

Can statistics be manipulated?

There are several undeniable truths about statistics: First and foremost, they can be manipulated, massaged and misstated. Second, if bogus statistical information is repeated often enough, it eventually is considered to be true.

What are 3 ways people can lie with statistics?

3 Ways to Lie with Statistics

  • Does a Statistical Finding Matter?
  • 3 Ways to Lie with Statistics.
  • Amplifying the Importance of Statistical Significance.
  • Capitalizing on Type-I Error.
  • Failing to Report on Effect Size Information.
  • Bottom Line.

How many pages can you lie with statistics?

It does not denigrate the practice of statistical analysis itself (though you will not learn even a single technique from statistical theory in its 144 pages ), but rather serves as a lighthearted cautionary tale about how easy it is to become convinced that statistics carry all the weight of science even though

Why do statistics lie?

By their very nature, statistics can only be misused when the audience doesn’t bother checking them. Statistics are just a numerical summary of evidence that has been collected. It is by not presenting all of the information and selectively choosing definitions that statistics can appear to lie.

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How do you lie with statistics in audio?

Now available in audio for the first time! Darrell Huff’s celebrated classic How to Lie With Statistics is a straightforward and engaging guide to understanding the manipulation and misrepresentation of information that could be lurking behind every graph, chart, and infographic.

How do you lie a book?

The best books on Lying

  1. Making up the Mind. by Chris Frith.
  2. Whoops! Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay. by John Lanchester.
  3. Father and Son. by Edmund Gosse.
  4. The Boy with the Topknot. by Sathnam Sanghera.
  5. The German Trauma. by Gitta Sereny.

What are the statistics on lying?

In one recent study, 60 percent of people reported telling no lies during a typical day, with another 25 percent telling one or two lies per day. So, 85 percent of people appeared to be quite honest. However, a small subset of about 1 percent reportedly told more than 20 lies per day!

How do graphs lie?

Charts lie in a variety of ways―displaying incomplete or inaccurate data, suggesting misleading patterns, and concealing uncertainty―or are frequently misunderstood, such as the confusing cone of uncertainty maps shown on TV every hurricane season.

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